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Basic Features
• Simple 2-page application
• 2 to 4 day application approval time
• One time low cost application preparation fee ($250)
• CASH for your invoices within 24 to 48 hours
• Advance 75% to 85% of invoice face value
• Prelien filings and bank wire transfers done at cost, no mark up by CAFI
• Personalized service. Assignment of individual Account Representative
• Invoice mailing for Trucking Companies

Size / Type
• Minimum invoice range from $5,000 to $250,000
• Progressive Billing (Completed Work)

• UCC-1 Financing Statement on all accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment

Trade Territory
• Texas
• New Mexico
• Arizona

• Commercial Construction (General and Sub Contractors)
• Long Haul Trucking
• Service Companies
• All Government Entities
• Federal Government Contract Funding

Here are some common reasons companies choose to use Accounts Receivable Funding.
• Unable to secure traditional Bank Financing
• Not in business long enough to qualify for traditional bank financing
• Limited financial history
• Limited assets to pledge, besides Accounts Receivable
• Minimum time to receive funding approval
• Inability to provide current financial information
• Bank Line of Credit insufficient to meet strong demand for company products or services
• Underwriting requirements less stringent with CAFI
• CAFI funds approved “progress billings” for work completed or services rendered
• Contractor can still maintain Bank relationship, by Bank subordinating receivables or jobs to be funded to CAFI. Bank still maintains it’s first lien position on all other assets, except for specific accounts receivables.
• Take advantage of supplier discounts of 1 to 2% by paying earlier. Avenue to improve supplier relationships. Over time contractor can realize significant savings.

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